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I always dreamed of going to the Ryman and the Grand Ole Opry

Our Home

Our  home means a lot to us. We have it setup  to suit our tastes and ideas.  It's nice to have somewhere to get back to when we are ready to get off the road.  We take up the chores that have accumulated  on our little 12 acres of TEXAS.  As well as being an oasis of peace, our home is also a place for friendly get-togethers . We often have family celebrations or  evenings with close friends here. While at home our dogs (fur babies) can be let out to run on their own without fear of traffic or other dangers!  It is located in the country  just outside of the sleepy little community of Douglass,  about 15 miles from Nacogdoches TX.

Veiw from our front door
Deer in the front yard
Red fox in the front yard